Bringing the Personal Touch to Estate Agency: A Journey with Russell Walters 

On this episode of ScaleUp Radio, I'm thrilled to welcome Russell Walters, owner of RB Walters Estate Agents. Join us as we dive into Russell's inspiring journey and uncover the secrets behind his business's success. 
Russell brings 37 years of experience to the table, having started his career at just 16. With a commitment to exceptional personal service, RB Walters Estate Agents has redefined the standard in the industry. They focus on building genuine relationships with their clients, offering a level of care that goes beyond mere transactions. 
In our conversation, Russell shares how meticulous planning and research were crucial to their successful launch, even amid the volatile housing market during the pandemic. He discusses the importance of a strong online presence and how their personalized website and active social media engagement have set them apart. 

Culinary Leadership: How Wesley Birch Crafts Quality, Community and Leadership in Hospitality. 

In this episode, we delve into the culinary and hospitality journey of Wesley Birch, who has masterfully blended catering expertise with pub management to create thriving businesses. 
Wesley Birch, founder of Birch Catering and the thriving Ship Inn Pub, joins us to share his secrets on building a strong team and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and quality. From starting Birch Catering in his uncle's kitchen to acquiring and revitalising The Ship Inn Pub during the pandemic, 
Wesley’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. His approach to leadership emphasises teamwork, communication, and investing in people, which has led to a successful business model with a turnover of £2.5M and a growing staff that champions quality and community engagement. 
Throughout the episode, Wesley discusses the importance of building a team with people who share the business's core values and vision. 

Fashioning Success: Jemima Gray’s Entrepreneurial Cotswold Fox Story 

In this episode, we dive into the entrepreneurial fabric of Jemima Gray, the visionary behind Cotswold Fox Clothing
Discover Jemima's remarkable journey from a university assignment to establishing a blooming fashion brand. Learn how she leveraged a modest £300 to spark a thriving business, her savvy social media strategies that sold out products in minutes, and her courageous battle through a trademark dispute. 
Jemima's story is not just about clothes; it's about crafting a brand with resilience and sharp business acumen. 
Join us to learn how a passion for fashion and a keen sense of business can turn a simple idea into a burgeoning brand. This episode is packed with lessons on scaling up gracefully while ensuring the core values of your brand resonate through every product and decision. 

Mastering Mergers: The Jason Simeon Story of Crafting a Multi-Million Engineering Empire 

Today, we're diving into the fascinating world of Jason Simeon, CEO of Gabriel Engineering Group, who shares his unique journey of buying and scaling multiple businesses into a formidable group structure. 
In this episode, Jason recounts his start in the business world following a significant life change and his strategic shift from seeking distressed businesses to fostering healthy ones. Discover how he leveraged his corporate experience to implement effective management tactics like 90-day planning cycles, fostering a culture of trust and open communication within his companies. 
Jason's vision for Gabriel Engineering Group is not just about financial success; it's about creating a sustainable business model that thrives on mutual respect and shared goals. He discusses the importance of focusing on people, nurturing relationships with both staff and former business owners, and why protecting his team's welfare is at the heart of his strategy. 

Beyond the Blueprint: An Entrepreneurial Journey with innovation - with Phil Staunton 

In this episode, Phil Staunton shares his fascinating journey from starting D2M Innovation in his back bedroom to scaling up and then intentionally sizing down to better align with his passion for creative work. Phil discusses the challenges of finding the right team and the pivotal decisions that helped shape the current, more efficient structure of his business. 
With a focus on sustainability and a hands-on approach to product development, Phil and his team at D2M have supported numerous clients through the full cycle of bringing innovative products to market, including successful pitches on Dragon's Den. The discussion also covers the critical importance of referrals and repeat business in marketing, as opposed to more traditional, less effective methods like social media or SEO. 
Phil’s vision for the future is not bound by detailed long-term plans but is driven by a commitment to creativity, balance, and ecological responsibility. This episode is packed with insights for anyone interested in the intersection of design, innovation, and business scaling. 

Branding Brilliance: Scaling Start-ups with Danny Matthews 

In this episode, we explore Danny Matthews's unique approach to entrepreneurship. Learn why obsessing over problems rather than solutions can be a game-changer for your business. 
Danny’s mantra of "validating the problem" has not only shaped his career but also the success of the start-ups he mentors. With a focus on branding, design, and strategic positioning, Danny ensures that each venture is not just a business, but a story worth telling. 
What does it take to double your prices successfully? Danny shares his daring pricing strategy that took him from charging £150 to £12,500 for a logo design, setting a new standard in understanding market value. 
Moreover, his insights on creating a results-only work environment reveal how autonomy and accountability can lead to unprecedented productivity. 
This conversation isn't just about business growth; it's about transforming how we think about work and leadership. 

Content & Courage: Carla Prout's Entrepreneurial Reset 

In this episode of ScaleUp Radio, we explore the captivating world of Carla Prout, the dynamic force behind Carla’s Captivating Content. Delve into her entrepreneurial journey, where flexibility and passion reign supreme. 
Carla’s story is not just about business growth but also about personal evolution, as she transitioned from leading a team back to thriving as a solo entrepreneur. Discover how challenges like team management and maintaining quality leads prompted strategic shifts that reflect her core values: flexibility, balance, and passion. 
Carla also shares valuable insights on making compliance training engaging through gamification and immersive learning experiences. If you're navigating your own business scaling journey or considering a shift in your entrepreneurial approach, this episode is rich with lessons learned and inspirational takeaways. 

Cultivating Cultures of Wellbeing: Becoming Curious about A Blueprint for Success 

Today, we dive into the inspiring journey of Fiona McKinnon, a visionary in the tech start-up world who transitioned from the brink of burnout to founding the Moment Company. Fiona shares her profound insights on creating a culture that prioritises employee wellbeing and performance, drawing from her own experiences to enlighten us on building a people-focused culture ad starts with being curious about me. 
In this episode, Fiona discusses her career spanning over two decades in tech start-ups, her pivotal moment of change due to burnout, and how it led her to co-found the Moment Company. She emphasises the significance of psychological safety, trust, communication, and the ground-breaking strategies implemented at Keynes Digital to foster rapid growth and a nurturing work environment. 
Fiona also delves into her personal growth journey, hosting the podcast "May the Life Force Be With You," exploring the realms of mindfulness, spirituality, and personal development. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of wellbeing in the workplace. 

Tech, Toppings, and Triumph: A Recipe for Entrepreneurial Success - with Rachael Willoughby 

Today, we delve into the savoury journey of Rachael Willoughby, a maven in melding creative ingenuity with gustatory delight through her ventures, Square One Software and CasaGees Pizza Delivery
Rachael's odyssey is a testament to the transformative power of adversity, pivoting from graphic design to web development amidst the 2009 recession, only to concoct a whole new success recipe with CasaGees during the lockdown. 
Her story is a masterclass in resilience, innovation, and the art of leveraging one's passion into a thriving business. 
With over two decades of experience under her belt, Rachael's insights are golden for anyone looking to navigate the tumultuous waters of entrepreneurship with grace and gusto. 

Metal, Mastery, and Growth: Marc Begg's Blueprint for Business Brilliance 

In today's episode, Marc Begg shares his extensive background in engineering and his strategic approach to business turnaround. From acquiring Cirencester Fabrication Services in 2020 to nurturing a team of 14 dedicated professionals, Marc's story is a testament to the power of passion, quality, and strategic growth. His commitment to building a reputable business by focusing on quality workmanship and reliability is truly inspiring. 
Marc also introduces us to Keyburn Design Studio, a consumer-facing brand aimed at designing and selling high-quality, durable outdoor products. With a keen eye on sustainability and scalability, Marc discusses his plans for establishing Keyburn as a premium brand and his ambitious goal for 40% growth.. 

Therapy Transformed: Kayleigh Purser's Journey to Sapphire Spa Success 

In this episode, we dive into the transformative journey of Kayleigh Purser, the visionary behind Sapphire Spa Solutions
Discover how Kayleigh turned her frustrations as a massage therapist into an innovative business that redefines the spa and wellness industry. 
From the conception of her company amidst challenges to the development of a game-changing app, Kayleigh's story is a testament to the power of resilience and innovation. 
Join us as we explore how Sapphire Spa Solutions balances the needs of therapists and spas, revolutionises therapist education, and navigates the future of wellness with passion and dedication. 

Conquering Challenges: The Battle Bootcamp Franchise Blueprint for Business Success 

In this episode, we explore how Mark Day and his partner leveraged their military expertise to develop a franchise model that empowers veterans to start their own businesses. 
Learn about the challenges they faced, from adapting to the pandemic with innovative online classes to fostering a cohesive culture among franchisees.  
Mark shares the secrets behind their targeted marketing strategies, data-driven decision-making, and the importance of ownership in building a successful franchise. 
Battle Bootcamp’s story is not just about fitness; it's a testament to the strength of leadership, the importance of adaptability, and the power of community. Mark’s journey highlights the courage it takes to build a business, the trials of getting it right, and the relentless pursuit of growth through client retention. 

Visual Storytelling Success: How Redhawk Masters Digital Engagement 

In this episode, we dive into the inspiring world of Ellie & Jacob Dailey, the dynamic duo behind Redhawk, a company revolutionising the way businesses engage online through personalised visual content and social profiles. 
Redhawk's commitment to forming long-lasting partnerships is a testament to their belief in building credibility and attractiveness online through consistent, engaging visual storytelling.  
Their approach is not about quick gains but empowering clients with honest feedback and tailored strategies. 

The Art of Authentic Outreach: The Bravura Digital Story with Luke Doyle 

In this episode, we meet Luke Doyle, the innovative mind behind Bravura Digital, a company that's changing the landscape of lead generation. Two years ago, Luke embarked on a mission to refine the industry's approach by offering personalised outreach that respects and protects clients' brands, steering clear of the conventional spam email methods. 
Discover how Luke’s Bravura Digital balances the delicate act of volume and personalisation in campaigns, understanding target audiences to optimise impact. Luke goes beyond mere lead generation; he's also dedicated to coaching clients' teams, streamlining sales and marketing processes to alleviate the workload of business owners. 

Critical Paths: Planning tips from our own Granger Forson 

In the dynamic landscape of small and medium-sized businesses, achieving long-term goals and thriving in a competitive market requires a strategic and focused approach. 
In this episode, we delve into the significance and importance of developing annual 'Critical Paths' within the planning process. These Critical Paths serve as the key priorities that propel businesses toward their 3-year goals, and support our 90-day rhythm. These paths, being the vital few priorities, play a central role in aligning the business strategy with the day-to-day execution. 
Granger takes us through some of the key aspects followed by a round table discussion with a panel of successful business owners 

Leading with Kindness: Clare Gallie's way at Lewis-Manning Hospice Care 

In this inspiring episode, we're delving into the remarkable journey of Clare Gallie, CEO of Lewis-Manning Hospice Care. For five years, Clare has been at the helm of this esteemed 32-year-old charity, impacting over 800 patients annually in East Dorset and Purbeck with compassionate end-of-life care. 
Clare's tenure has been marked by significant transformations, including a strategic shift towards providing closer-to-home services. This was a pivotal move, stemming from a deep understanding of patient needs and a drive to fill service gaps, thereby fostering stronger community ties and a revitalised organisational culture. 

Refining Business Excellence: Paddy White's VA Success Tale 

Today we explore the inspiring story of Paddy (Vanessa) White, the founder of 'Virtual Diamond'. Starting her VA business from home a decade ago, Paddy transformed her passion into a thriving enterprise, showcasing the power of referrals and client satisfaction. 
Discover how Paddy's journey began after moving away from London and taking on her first client - her husband. Learn how she built 'Virtual Diamond' on the solid foundations of referrals and exceptional service, growing her team to five members dedicated to easing clients' pain points and delivering the 'wow' factor. 

Building Bonds and Businesses: The go2mortgages Success Story - with Liam Brignull 

Today, we're exploring a unique family legacy in the financial world with Liam Brignull, joint owner of go2mortgages
In the world of Mortgages, where trust and reliability are so important, Liam and his father have reshaped his father’s longstanding business into go2mortgages, a beacon for residential purchases and client protection. Join us as we unravel Liam's journey, from nurturing his passion for field hockey to committing wholeheartedly to the family business, leading to exponential growth in just a few years. 

From Concept to Creation: Inside A Product Visionary Journey with Phoenix Consultants - with Luke Lutman 

Today on ScaleUp Radio, we unravel the blueprint of success drafted by Luke Lutman, co-director of Phoenix Consultants
In 2018, Luke, alongside his business partner Kieran, began sketching the outlines of what would become a renowned product design consultancy. From research to manufacturing, Luke’s tale is a remarkable saga of continuous growth, rapid adaptation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Their journey isn’t just about designing products; it's about sculpting the future—one innovation at a time for their clients. 

Bread, Passion, and Perseverance: A Journey to Artisan Bakery Excellence - with Original Hellerstein 

Today, on ScaleUp Radio, we're rolling out the story of a man who has kneaded his way to success, Ori Hellerstein of The Artisan Baker
In a world where the bakery shelves are lined with the mass-produced and the ordinary, Ori has carved out a niche for handmade breads and vegan pastries with a global twist. He's not just a baker; he's an artisan who believes in the power of open-plan baking, inviting curious eyes to behold the transformation of dough to delicacy right before their eyes. 

Culinary Conscience: Stirring Sustainability into the Mix - with Litu Mohiuddin 

Today on ScaleUp Radio, we blend the rich flavours and the inspiring journey of Litu Mohiuddin, chef patron of the distinguished Memsahib’s Lounge in Cheltenham. In 2019, a vision to marry the zest of Indian cuisine with the British palate sparked a revolution on the promenade, giving birth to a gin and tea bar that has since pivoted into a culinary sanctuary. 
As we peel back the layers of Litu’s venture, we discover not just a restaurant, but a stage where tradition waltzes with innovation. Here, the usual afternoon tea is reinvented with a procession of Indian-inspired delicacies, setting the taste buds of its clientele ablaze with delight. This isn’t just dining; it's an experience crafted through the pillars Litu holds dear: food, service, ambience, and location. 

From Family Values to Mortgage Maestro: A Niche Success - with Joe Stallard 

Today, we delve into the unique world of holiday home mortgages with Joe Stallard, the growth mind behind House and Holiday Home Mortgages
Joe's narrative is not just about financing properties; it's about realising dreams and creating lifetime memories for families. Specialising in the UK holiday property market, Joe's firm stands out in an arena with limited lenders, offering tailored expertise to clients investing in second homes. This strategic focus on a niche market has propelled his firm to become a go-to source for those seeking stress-free mortgage solutions for their holiday havens. 

The Parker Formula: Merging Technology, Outsourcing, and Personalised Financial Solutions - with Ben Parker 

Today on ScaleUp Radio, we journey into the dynamic realm of financial advising with none other than Ben Parker. Ben, along with his siblings John and Rob, are the driving force behind Parker Financial Advice, a budding enterprise that has uniquely married the concepts of financial expertise and efficient business outsourcing. 
In the rapidly evolving landscape of financial advising, Ben's story stands out. Just three years since inception, Parker Financial Advice has pioneered a business model built on outsourcing and technology. 

A Tale of Passion, Perseverance, Quality and Perfect Creams - with Laura Evans 

Today's episode of ScaleUp Radio features a delectable tale of pancakes, passion, and persistence, all stirred up by the dynamic Laura Evans of Sisu Pancakes. Laura, a former aviation professional, traded her sky-bound aspirations for the allure of the oven, creating a dessert haven that's taken the market by storm. 
Have you ever longed for that perfect slice of dessert, only to be disappointed by mundane store options? Laura did too. And it’s this childhood craving that sowed the seeds for Sisu Pancakes. Laura's commitment to offering a select range of top-tier products filled a yawning market gap, turning her humble home-based venture into a sensation that now boasts an impressive portfolio: wholesale, retail, deliveries, and customized cake orders. 

Revolutionizing Business Operations: Unpacking A Strategy for Building Effective Teams and Businesses - with Paul Harris 

Today on ScaleUp Radio, we're diving into the universe of business systems and company culture with Paul Harris, the innovative founder of Coacto. The company specializes in implementing Salesforce systems as a core hub to drive efficiency for various businesses, a game-changing approach that you definitely want to hear more about. 
Paul’s journey in the Salesforce space is a masterclass in smart growth and strategic decision-making. Starting Coacto in 2016, now with 15 team members, Paul has successfully worked with a wide range of small-to-medium enterprises. 

The Art of Relationship Building: A Deep Dive into Modern Marketing - with Ben Kinnaird 

Today on ScaleUp Radio, we're diving deep into the fascinating world of marketing and business relationships with Ben Kinnaird, the founder of Rather Inventive. What started in 2009 as a web development company has evolved into a hub for innovative marketing strategies. 
Ben isn't just your run-of-the-mill marketing expert; he is a thought leader in the field. His emphasis is on building sustainable businesses, not merely chasing profits. He advocates for the significance of forming true relationships with clients, a strategy that has seen him navigate various industries successfully. Through Rather Inventive, Ben and his team offer not just marketing solutions but ongoing support to overcome business hurdles and achieve long-lasting success. 

Turning Hotels into Havens: Navigating Success in a Changing World of Hospitality - with Hari Fell 

In this episode, we are in for an exceptional treat as we pull back the curtains of the hospitality industry with a seasoned pro—Hari Fell, owner of the Tudor Farmhouse Hotel in Clearwell in the Forest of Dean. Hari and her husband have not only stood the test of time with their 20-years ownership of the establishment, but they've also been game changers, offering unique experiences like foraging and wildlife safaris to their guests. 

Sustainable Measures: Unravelling Sustainability Metrics - with Will Norell 

Today, we unfold an intriguing narrative, anchored in the pillars of sustainability, technology, and unwavering ambition. Journey with us as we explore the determined mind of Will Norrell, joint owner of Triplo ESG—a beacon for SMEs navigating the complex realms of sustainability. 
As businesses pivot to adapt to our planet's burgeoning demands, the urgency to measure and improve sustainability metrics is indisputable. Enter Triplo ESG—an online platform that not only quantifies sustainability but guides companies along the way. 

Amplifying Brands with Authenticity - with Kaylie Bloxham 

Today, we pull back the curtains to reveal the dynamic world of public relations with the insightful Kaylie Bloxham, the driving force behind Bloxham PR, a renowned PR agency stationed in the heart of Gloucestershire. 
With a team 12-strong, Kaylie's agency has solidified its expertise over a span of nine years, servicing domains from fashion and travel to the eclectic tastes of country lifestyle, food, and drink. Bloxham PR's growth, powered by commendable word-of-mouth and effective social media reach, is a testament to their relentless commitment to authenticity and excellence. 

The Numbers Never Lie: Unpacking The Analytics-Driven Success navigating Growth & Risks - with Lee Duffy 

Today, we're delving deep into the world of data analytics and customer engagement with the visionary, Lee Duffy, Owner & MD of Trueology. In an age driven by digital marketing, understanding customer preferences and enhancing engagement is more vital than ever. And that's precisely where Tureology’s expertise shines. 
Lee's foray into the business landscape that began as a humble freelance strategy and planning consultancy, metamorphosing over time into a powerhouse that harnesses data science to drive impeccable results. 

Leading the Pack by understanding your Ideal Customer - with Grantley Rogers 

In today's episode, we embark on a unique journey into the realm of dog accessories with Grant Rogers, the dynamo behind 3P Enterprise, the home or should I say kennel, of the much-acclaimed brand, Henry Wag. Nestled in the heart of Coleford within the Forest of Dean, this venture showcases a medley of carefully designed products for dog owners that speak volumes of dedication and innovation. 

Digital Momentum: A Journey from Abandoned Building to Tech Transformation - with Rupert Maspero 

Today, we are diving deep into the world of technology and innovation with Rupert Maspero, the co-founder and director of mmtm, a pioneering digital agency based in Cheltenham. 
Derived from an F1 obsession and the art of texting, the unique name "mmtm" stands as a symbol of their creative journey. What began as an idea to craft an app for YouTubers soon blossomed into a fully-fledged business in 2016, dedicated to transforming outdated processes into efficient web and mobile applications. 

A Taste of Family with Handcrafted Passion - with Clara Cardillo 

Today, we're embarking on a savory journey into the heart of Italian cooking with Clara Cardillo, the passionate force behind Non Solo Pasta, a thriving ready-made meals business in Stroud. 
Clara's journey began as a fun project with her husband, but quickly blossomed into a vibrant culinary adventure that turned their passion into a full-time endeavour. Their business, which started in 2018 and expanded into a full-time pursuit by 2020, now boasts 10 full-time and 5 part-time employees, all sharing a love for Italian cooking, authenticity, and family values. 

From Rejection to Stardom: The Roll Me Up Ice Cream Adventure - with Jason Hanratty 

Today, we're going on a delightful journey into the world of luxurious ice cream with Jason Hanratty, the visionary owner of Roll Me Up, a boutique ice cream company that's taken the UK by storm. 
In our conversation, Jason unfolds his beautiful and inspiring journey, from small family business origins in Cirencester to a nationwide sensation, catering from 40 to 50 events across the UK each year. His signature roll-up ice cream, created by meticulously pouring liquid ice cream onto a frozen pan and then adding flavours like Oreo and Nutella, is an art form that has enchanted thousands, from weddings to high-profile film sets like Mission Impossible and Star Wars. 

Mastering the Art of Scaling Up - with Michael Horne 

Today, I bring you an invigorating discussion with a leader who has mastered the art of expansion, Michael Horne from Kidwells Group. Michael's journey is a testament to the power of strategic growth, robust planning, and a passionate team. 
The Kidwells Group, under Michael's leadership, has grown exponentially and diversified into different sectors, including legal, accounting, loans, and even land banking. Michael gives us an insider's look into the company's operations and shares his story of managing growth in the face of challenging circumstances, including the recent pandemic. His innovative approach to using social media and the company's resilience shines through their responses. 

Build your brand from your core identity by understanding who you are - with Marksteen Adamson 

This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Marksteen Adamson, the Founding Partner, Chief Creative Officer & Director of Strategy of Asha & Co
Asha & Co is a Branding business based in Cheltenham. They are just celebrating 20 years in business and have weathered all the recessions thrown at them by sticking to the core values that set up the business. 
Asha & Co focuses on helping Corporations and even Countries understand their truth / core identity. From there, they develop an agreed understanding of the challenges to be overcome and a key set of actions to take. 

Building Local Champions: Shelley Harrison's Journey of Transforming Lives Through Gymnastics 

Today, we have a guest whose journey transcends business, penetrating the heart of the community and making a powerful impact in the lives of many. 
Shelley Harrison, founder and CEO of the UK Academies of Gymnastics, joins us in this episode. Her journey is as exhilarating as a well-executed gymnastic routine. From a passionate gymnastics coach to an entrepreneur who identified opportunities in a niche market, Shelley has successfully blended her love for gymnastics with the thrills of entrepreneurship, culminating in the creation of the UK Academies of Gymnastics

From horse to PR, Handling the PR Landscape in a Digital Age - with Andrea Bristol 

Today, we're in for an exclusive treat as we sit down with an accomplished professional who has mastered the art of riding the winds of change and navigating the evolving landscape of public relations, Andrea Bristol. 
Andrea, the tour de force behind Admire PR, started her own venture just before the pandemic. Over the past four and a half years, she has skilfully assembled a diverse team of remote professionals. Her team forms the backbone of a flourishing business that aids clients with press coverage, award entries, crisis management, and social media strategy. Andrea's extensive experience and unique perspective on the PR industry, honed from her initial days as a professional athlete in equine championships to her present leadership role, make this conversation a must-listen. 

Transforming E-Commerce Through a Culture of Innovation - with Andy Thorne 

Hello, listeners! I'm Granger Forson, your navigator through the sea of entrepreneurial tales on ScaleUp Radio. 
On today's episode, we'll delve into the intriguing world of digital marketing with a special focus on e-commerce. Our guest is Andy Thorne, the innovative mind behind Factory Pattern, a successful digital experience agency that is transforming how e-commerce and lead generation clients interact with the digital world. 

Unwrapping Success: The Thoughtful Journey of 'Don't Buy Her Flowers' - with Steph Douglas 

Welcome to another enthralling episode of ScaleUp Radio, where we reveal the secrets behind scaling businesses.  
Today we have an episode that’s bound to touch your hearts as much as it will ignite your entrepreneurial spirits. Our special guest is none other than the compassionate and visionary, Steph Douglas. She is a doting mother of three and the brain behind the beautifully conceived company, 'Don't Buy Her Flowers'. 

Redefining African Safaris: Family-Focused Adventures - with Mike Kelly 

Today on ScaleUp Radio, we embark on a fascinating journey from out of Africa with our distinguished guest, Mike Kelly, the CEO and co-founder of Coral Tree Travel
With an exceptional offering of tailor-made safaris for families, Mike's business has seen rapid growth since its inception in January 2021. What's more, their unique insight into the needs of family adventurers has set them apart in a growing market. We'll be diving deep into the nitty-gritty of creating memorable safari experiences, emphasizing trust, safety, and quality. 

Unleashing the Power of People: HR Strategies for Growth - with Kelly Tucker 

Today we are delving into the fascinating world of HR consultancy with Kelly Tucker, the vibrant owner of HR Star. Providing support to businesses in the UK Kelly's knack for strategy and people engagement has made her a formidable force in the industry. 

Sailing Towards Excellence: Inspiring Hospitality through Selective Recruitment and Empowering Training 

Hello, adventurers and explorers, and welcome to this engaging episode of ScaleUp Radio! 
Today I'm speaking with Jay Clements, the seasoned Managing Director of English Holiday Cruises, a company specializing in unique river cruise experiences. Jay's charismatic Edward Elgar, a live-aboard hotel boat, has been the enchanting setting for many a memorable voyage. 

Revolutionizing Small Businesses processes - with Mark Hutchinson 

Today, we will embark on an electrifying journey through the land of process automation and data optimisation with Mark Hutchinson, founder of Accellier. A business that has been a beacon of change for the past 10 ½ years, Accellier is armed with a treasure chest of advisory services and technology, empowering business owners to extract the very essence of value from their data. 

Financial Lifelines: Unveiling the World of Insolvency - with Michael Durkan 

Welcome to the this new episode of ScaleUp Radio. 
Today, we’re venturing into the riveting domain of insolvency with Michael Durkan. He’s a veteran in the field and has been casting safety nets for businesses and individuals in financial turmoil for over 15 years with his business Durkan Cahill

Unleashing Creativity: Scaling the Heights of Video Innovation - with Craig Hellen 

In this brand-new episode I am thrilled to introduce you to an incredibly talented individual, Craig Helen, the owner of Bexmedia
Since 2007, Bexmedia has been pushing the boundaries in video production, motion graphics, and 3D animation, and today we dive deep into their remarkable journey. 

Values are so important, they are in the name of our business - with Jamie Sleigh 

This time on ScaleUp radio, I speak with Jamie Sleigh, joint owner and CEO of Indeloy IT Solutions
Indeloy is an IT services business based in Gloucestershire. It was started only three years ago and has already grown into a team of 10 staff with more in the pipeline. 

Scale your business using your knowledge to leverage new markets - with Dan Ashendorf 

This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Dan Ashendorf the owner of Jungle Juice
Jungle Juice is a company that has a software platform that allows its members to find; purchase; and sell products through Amazon. They’ve been going for a number of years and have 7 staff and 70 members. 

Scaling your business by jumping at the opportunities as they appear - with Angharad Wrigley 

This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Angharad Wrigley the owner of Hot Tubs Rock
Hot Tubs Rock is a business based in Lydney that rents and sells hot tubs and all the services you would need for one, along with all the garden furniture you would need to make it exceptional. They started in 2015 and now have nine employees. It has recently expanded into Worcestershire as well. 

A business built on your passion to help others like you - with Bay Burdett 

This time on Scale Up Radio, I speak with Bay Burdett, the founder and CEO of Bays Kitchen
Bays Kitchen is a business that designs and sells food products for people with IBS, or needing the FODMAP diet. They are based in Cheltenham and have been going for five years. The team is four members strong and already has four investors who support them on the advisory board. 

Building a healthy business ready to Scale - with Ryan Anthoney 

This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Ryan Anthoney owner and CEO of Recharge Fitness Ltd
Recharge Fitness is a business that sells gym equipment to the home enthusiast, personal trainers, the sports industry and gyms. They have been operating for just over three years based in Gloucestershire. 

Learn from failure to build an empowering business - with James Wilkes 

This time on ScaleUp Radio, I speak with James Wilkes, the founder and CEO of Wilxite Limited
Wilxite is a software development company based in Stroud with a 27 strong team who are based around the world. James started the business 12 years ago, built on the ashes of a previous business, he created. 

A community focus to business development - with Matt Rudman 

This time on ScaleUp radio, I speak with Matt Rudman, the owner of Cheltenham Martial Arts
Cheltenham Martial Arts is a karate and fitness center, based in Cheltenham, helping the community to empower themselves both physically and mentally. Matt has over 17 years’ experience in the industry and bought out the business in 2013 from his sensei. 

A passion for learning will aid to build multiple business - with Phil Kiernan 

This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Phil Kiernan, the owner of the award-winning Farmer Boys Inn & 3 other businesses. 
Phil is a serial entrepreneur and started with the Farmer Boys Inn in 2000 and built it to an award-winning standard. In 2006 he then created Mad About Pies to make his teams famous pies and sell them to everyone. He then built a property business and now has created a property development business. 

Finding amazing people for your clients starts with growing amazing people in your business - with Ben Craig 

This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Ben Craig, the MD of Infosec People. 
Infosec People is a recruitment business that specializes in aiding companies in the UK, Europe and USA in finding key talent for cyber security and data privacy from CE levels to developers. They started 15 years ago and are based in Cheltenham. They currently have 20 staff and plan to grow by 5 more by end of 2023. 

Distilling the art of a successful Gin business with your Siblings - with Cicely Elliot-Berry 

This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Cicely Elliot-Berry, one of the owners of Sibling Gin. 
Sibling Gin is a full distillery that makes craft gin for the luxury market and they are based in Cheltenham. They started 9 years ago and they’ve already grown into a tight little team of 10 passionate people. 

Master the Conversation for Marketing to be Successful - with Al Tepper 

This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Al Tepper, the owner of Tepfu. 
TepFu is a marketing strategy & coaching business that is based near Hemel Hempstead. Al started 7 years ago, with in intension not to employ staff or have premises, and he has kept to his plan while building a 6-figure turnover. 

Building a business from a generational long-term point of view 

This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Benjamin Janes, the founder of The Trust Partnership. 
The Trust Partnership is a business that manages charitable trusts, foundations and almshouse charities with its unique shared resources, helping them to be more effective and efficient. Some of these Almshouse charities go back to the 9th & 10 century. The Trust Partnership is not that old, it was started in 2005, but is does has a very long viewpoint of its future. 

SMEs can reduce their Carbon emissions with the right help - with Eoin McQuone 

This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Eoin McQuone, the owner of Go Carbon Positive. 
Go Carbon Positive is a business that helps SMEs to reduce their carbon impact by calculating and then reducing their carbon footprint. They are based in Gloucestershire and started in 2020 just before the pandemic. Since then, they have grown and now there are 4 members on the team. 

Build Your Business By Owning Your Marketing 

This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with David Holland, the owner of Exela. 
Exela is a Marketing business that is based in Cheltenham. David started it 22 years ago and helps gritty entrepreneurs develop their marketing to bring in the leads for their sales process through using different tools. 
What is interesting in David’s discussion about marketing is while Exela uses technology to aid their clients, the key is always in the skill of ‘driving interaction’, which is at the heart of all human connection since time began. 

Building a Business for the long term around your ethics 

This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Neil Cullen, the owner of Energise Technology. 
Energise Technology focuses on helping the not for profit, charity & education markets with a number of pillars including Technical Consultancy / Software development / Tech advice & Tech skill training. They are based in Tetbury, but as you will hear their staff can be located anywhere in the world. Neil started the business in 2017 with the aim to grow organically and develop the business around his ethics. 

The benefits of joining an SME to help it grow through valuing customers 

This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Carlo Colucci, the Client Director at County Employee Benefits. 
County Employee Benefits is a business that is based in Gloucester and help their clients understand and define the best employee benefits they would need to recruit and retain their ideal staff. They started a few years ago, but they’ve already grown by taking on Carlo and have plans with more growth to come. 

A business designed for delivering outcomes, not contracts 

Hello I’m Granger Forson. This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Adam Jacobs the owner of Bloom Procurement Services. 
Bloom is an innovative business that links the public sector and it’s needs for services with suppliers based on output needs not procurement contracts. They started just over 10 years ago, have 100 staff and celebrated their 10 year anniversary in the Houses of Parliament. 

Building a business with you family & passion 

Hello I’m Granger Forson. This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Jeanette Philips, the founder of Flexicare UK. 
Flexicare is a healthcare provider that are based in Gloucestershire. She started the business in 1997 while a Nurse to provide health care directly in people’s homes. They now have 160 employees and 4 generation of the family involved with the business. 

Building a business to change the carbon footprint of the internet 

Hello I’m Granger Forson. This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Bethan Unsworth, one of the owners of Reforest Group. 
Reforest Group are two businesses, one does Web site design and build, the other Host your sites, all ensuring you that green energy and tree planting are used to reduce your carbon footprint to zero. They started a few years ago and they have already grown to 6 members of the team. 

Networking Clubs are great business learning environments 

Hello I’m Granger Forson. This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Paul James, the owner of CAP business clubs. 
CAP is a Networking business that are based in around Coleford, but is nationwide. Paul started CAP in 2011, when doing some marketing far a new venue, and had the idea that the fantastic room was ideal for a networking meeting. He has grown it to 5 groups now even through the Pandemic moving onto zoom. 

You can build a successful business using referrals 

Hello I’m Granger Forson. This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Andy Platts, the owner of Jireh Solutions ltd. 
Jireh Solutions is a IT managed solutions business that are based in Tetbury. They started in 2006 as a business with the goal to bring excellence in the IT managed solutions market by moving away for Break Fix. 
It was so interesting hearing Andy’s story about how he has developed the business growth, include the investment in it, all from referrals & networking. 

You can build a strong business using a network 

Hello I’m Granger Forson. This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Naomi Summers, the owner of Go Get Organized. 
Go Get Organized is a VA one stop shop business that are based in Bristol bath area. It started 10 years ago as Naomi wanted to use her co-ordination skills developed working in the BBC (listen out for this) but wanted to work for home. She has grown it into a strong 30 people network of experienced people aiding Go get organized customers. 

Building a Human focused Accounting business through honesty 

Hello I’m Granger Forson. This time on ScaleUp Radio I speak with Ian Morgan, the owner of MBS Accountants. 
MBS Accountants is a very different type of accounting business that are based in Cheltenham. It was started by Ian’s wife in 2005, and Ian joined in 2010. As you will hear in 2015 they made a paradigm shift that has made the highly focused accounts firm they’re today, that has a waiting list of business that wish to join them. 

The Team In Your Business Need To Feel Like Your Family 

Hello I’m Granger Forson and on this episode of ScaleUp Radio I speak with Toni Griffiths, the owner of The Good Surveyor. 
The Good Surveyor is a surveying and valuing company that are based in Gloucester. They started only a few years ago, but they’ve already grown into a tight little team already - with more growth in the pipeline. 

Put The Staff First - And The Rest Of The Business Will Follow 

Hello. I’m Granger Forson and on this episode of ScaleUp Radio I’m talking to Andre Smague from A & B Fencing. 
A & B Fencing do pretty much what they say on the tin; but they are a little bit more. They are bespoke timber builders, meaning that they can help with the construction of anything from a fence, right through to a man cave. 

You Are Stronger & Better In Business Than You Think 

Welcome to this episode of ScaleUp Radio. I’m Granger Forson and this week I’m speaking to Jen Le Marinel who is the founder of Wildfire Walks. 
Wildfire Walks is a corporate training and coaching company that helps busy women leaders learn more about themselves as business owners and managers, through the medium of spending time in nature. 

SMART Presentation 

On this week’s episode we have a brand new presentation centred around being SMART. 
SMART is an acronym that we use within BizSmart, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic and Timebound and is a process by which you set goals and objectives for you, your team and your business. 

Running A Business Needs More Integrity, Rather Than Chasing Profit 

Hello. I’m Granger Forson and on this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio I’m speaking to Terry Malloy and Phil Joseph from The Human Business. 
The Human Business are unlike any other organisation we’ve ever had on ScaleUp Radio. 

Overcoming The ‘Valleys of Death’ When Scaling Up Your Business 

On this week's episode of ScaleUp Radio, I'm speaking to Pia Cato, the founder and owner of the Vanilla Pod bakery in Cheltenham. 

Make The Best Of Your Time During The Day. See The Chance To Work On The Business 

On this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio I’m speaking to the founder and owner of Alice Violet Creative, a company that is a content marketing agency, along with being a strategic marketing consultancy. 

Grab The Business Opportunities That Present Themselves - Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure! 

This week I’m speaking to John Fisher from Westway IT, who specialises in looking after the IT needs for micro and small businesses. 

Your Business Is So Much Bigger When You Go Into The Virtual Space 

In this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio, I’m chatting with Clare-Louise Freeman from Zig's Exercise. Clare has got a lot of experience of being a business owner after starting on her scale up journey just over 25 years ago. 

Nurturing Staff To Develop The Team 

On ScaleUp Radio this week, I'm talking to Steve Ackroyd from The Job Guru. A recruitment firm based in Gloucester, where they have been helping various companies recruit staff to cope with the new challenges of a growing business. 

I’m Not Motivated By Money - I Just Want To Serve My Customers In A World Class Way! 

In this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio, I’m talking to Tom Hughes from Lumen Electronic's.  

Sales Is Hard Work - And Hard Work Leads To More Luck In Your Business 

On ScaleUp Radio this week, I'm talking to Jonathan Viney about his business; improving profits through Sales Training, Sales Coaching and Sales Consultancy 

Amazing People Do Amazing Things. 

In this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio I’m speaking with Julie Kent MBE who works with the charity The Pied Piper Appeal that helps raise money for for sick and disabled children in Gloucestershire. 

You Can Be A Local Business, Backed By A National Company 

In this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio I’m speaking with Richard Hubble from it’seeze Web Design Gloucestershire. 
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