Drifting or Directing? 

Every business owner dreams of success, but without a direction, you might find yourself adrift in the vast sea of possibilities. At BizSmart Gloucestershire, we’ve transformed countless drifting vessels into flagships of their industries. 
SmartStrat® is your compass, your North Star, guiding you towards that envisioned success. But remember, a compass is only as effective as the sailor using it. Are you ready to steer your ship? 

Your Guided Path to Success 

With SmartStrat, you're never alone. Here's how it guides you through  
1. Vision, 2. Strategy, 3. Action. 
1. Vision Alignment: 
Deep dive into the bedrock of your enterprise. Merge ambitions, passion, and operational realities into a strategic synthesis. 
Values & Virtues: Beyond profits, what ideals does your enterprise uphold? How does it benefit the community, the world? 
Purpose & Promise: Understand and articulate the deeper mission that propels your business. 
The Future: Envision your enterprise's trajectory in tangible, measurable terms. What milestones mark your journey ahead? 
2. Strategic Navigation: 
Traverse the intricate web of market dynamics. Pinpoint gaps, untapped potentials, and areas ripe for innovation. 
Market Mapping: Understand where you stand amidst your markets. define what is interesting for growth? 
Proposition: Carve out your niche. Identify and amplify what sets you apart. Value: Refine to build a valuable business. 
3. Action Plans: 
From long-term vistas to immediate horizons, carve out a detailed roadmap. Each step, each milestone, each pit-stop accounted for. 
Leadership Synergy: Ensure every leader, every manager, every team aligns with the larger vision. 
Annual Aspirations: Break down the journey into yearly chunks. What needs achieving in the next 365 days? 
Quarterly Quests: Detail out the next 90 days. Immediate goals, tangible outcomes. 

Why SmartStrat®? The Distinctive Advantage 

Direction & Dedication: Eliminate the fog of uncertainty. SmartStrat® ensures your business sails with clarity and purpose. 
Time for Tomorrow: Focus on your future and how you’re going to get there 
Bespoke Blueprinting: No two businesses are the same. Our strategies are tailor-made, reflecting your unique strengths and challenges. 
Clear, Cohesive Strategy: Ensure every team member is on the same page, pushing in the same direction. 
It's easy: 
Step 1 
Book a discovery call 
Step 2 
Learn about SmartStrat® for you 
Step 3 
Say yes, and get going 

Client Testimonials  

“The team at Your Payroll Manager UK want to thank Granger Forson from BizSmart for an amazing Smart Strat session. As our business coach, he guided us through defining our values, making the most of our passions helping us establish a financial roadmap for the next three – ten years. Most importantly, he helped us to uncover strategies we can put in place to help ensure our business can thrive. 
We are incredibly grateful for the insight and support Granger provided. He was a pleasure to work with - knowledgeable, encouraging and inspiring. We'd recommend him to anyone looking grow their business! “ 
Austin Ball 
Your Payroll Manager 
“As a steadily growing and highly regarded IT Managed Service Provider we work hard to ensure that the quality, consistency and relevance of our work and services are right up there with the best in our sector. With this in mind we embarked on a journey utilising Gino Wickmans’s Traction methodology in late 2019. We got off to a decent start under our own steam… until a few months down the line – when Covid hit. After that, we struggled to make any progress. 
Then along came Granger Forson and BizSmart – what a game changer! In engaging with Granger and the SmartStrat® program we’ve now found a way forward. The approach: 
Is really well structured. 
Resonates really well with the work we’d done previously with Traction. 
Has been well received across our Leadership Team. 
Has provided the impetus to ensure that Jireh will continue to evolve and improve. 
Provides a well thought out online portal and routine of events to give you the best chance of success. 
Is attractively priced. 
If your aim is “business as usual”, don’t bother contacting Granger at BizSmart. However, if you want to develop your business and know that change is a part of helping you succeed – Granger is definitely your man.” 
Andy Platts 
Jireh Solutions 

SmartStrat® Workshops – Beyond Brainstorms 

Engage in collaborative sessions to sculpt your vision and strategy. 
Bring your team along and experience: 
Constructive Reflections 
Forward-focused Planning 
Engaging Discussions and Insights 
Exclusive Tools and Templates 
Held over Zoom with your team on your own electronic Miro board with Smartweb 
Face-to-face with an A0 SmartWeb sheet. 
Full day or 1/2 day version available. 
Full day focuses more time on Market and Product / Service positioning. 
Full day also comes with a 'Valuebuilder' benchmark assessment. 
£375 +VAT (half-day) | £750 +VAT (full day) 
- Face-to-face: £75 +VAT extra per session 
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