Why so many business fail to grow profitably 

From working with hundreds of companies we know that only 10% are good at both Strategy and Execution. The other 90% are good at one or the other, or neither. Which are you? 
At BizSmart Gloucestershire we know you are the kind of person who wants the business you always envisioned. In order to be that way, you need a scaling successful business with focused employees that bridges the Strategy & Execution gap. 
Are you failing to acheive your yearly goals? Do you have so many ideas and are unsure what to implement first? Are your team unable to deliver the business goals? We believe no business owner should feel this and we understand, as we are business owners ourselves. 
We know Smart90® brings clarity and structure to any sized business, because we have helped to guide hundreds of business owners through it.  
Here’s how it works: 1 - Book a call, 2 - Get to know Smart90®, 3 - Be supported to get going. 
So book a call now, stop being frustrated and start to shape the business you always wanted. 
Step 1 
Book a discovery call 
Step 2 
Get to know Smart90® 
Step 3 
Get supported to get going 
How to focus on your 
business success... 
The benefits of Smart90® to your business: 
Greater focus and alignment 
Increased accountability 
Improved agility and adaptability 
Enhanced communication and collaboration 
Improved resource allocation 
Better measurement and reporting 
Increased motivation and engagement 
Overall, by using Smart90®, your business will stay focused, agile and aligned toward achieving its goals. 

Client Testimonials  

"Before Smart90®, I generally lacked structure and could easily feel overwhelmed with what I was trying to do to drive growth in my business. 
However, with the guidance, structure and accountability I get from working with BizSmart Smart90®, that feeling is far more manageable. My goals are clear and I achieved my most profitable year in 2022. 
I don't think I would have achieved this without Granger's expert coaching and Smart90® workshops plus software. 
I am using the software daily to keep me on track for the exciting year ahead." 
Claire Bennett 
Director & Mental Health & Wellbeing Consultant 
Hornbeam Training & Wellbeing Limited 
"I noticed Smart90® was working for me when I could see the whole business was really moving forward, not just the bottom line. 
The 'business rhythm' is now protected time in my dairy, or I would slip back to my old ways of drifting and not being proactive for my business. 
All of us in my team have our Smart90® plans and actions to keep us moving forward." 
Claire Hill 
Managing Director 
Hill HR Consultancy Limited 
"Smart90® helps me develop plans that actually come to fruition. For me, I would be lost without it.  
Every day it’s the tool that is going to get me closer to my goals. 
On days I don’t use it, I feel like I struggle, as Smart90® keeps me accountable to myself." 
Stu Avis 
Managing Director 
Audicious Creative 

What is Smart90®?  

1. Smart90® Club events 
Four Smart90 4 hour sessions per year. 
Come on your own or bring your team for maximum effect. 
Time to: 
Create plan 
Yes it's 4 hours, but it's the most important 4 hours every quarter if you are going to have profitable growth. 
The event is on Zoom. You can have your own business's Zoom room or join a collaborative room with other businesses. 
Includes a focused workbook each time for you and your team attending. 
2. Smart90® Software 
The best way to align your team on the plan, agree actions and track accountable progress. 
Build the vision 
Share the business plans 
Create personal plans 
Define ownership 
Drive accountability 
The Smart90® software allows you to see the live status of your 90 days plans. 
Through it you can define the 90 day objectives and cascade them to team members.  
There are many other features to help drive your business. 
All this from just... 
Business owner and team of 4 : £150 +VAT per month 
Business owner and team of up to 19 : £200 +VAT per month 
Other plan options available. 
Smart90® is a self contained programme, but you can get even more out of it with these 2 bonus options to consider: 
Option 1 - SmartStrat® 
Sign up to a half or full day SmartStrat® to: 
Get a detailed review on your business plan 
Refine your current vision for alignment and passion 
Create a strategic definition 
Build the 3-year 'base camp' and 1 year priorities 
Half day : £375 + VAT 
Full day : £750 + VAT 
(full day includes Value Builder benchmark score) 
Option 2 - Smart90® Plus 
With Smart90® Plus, you receive 6 x 1-hour coaching sessions. 
Drill deep into the Entrepreneurial Scale Up System and focus on 6 key elements successful businesses must have in place. 
£175 + VAT per month for 6 months 
The secret to growing your successful business 
The secret to growing your successful business 
Your business will achieve more in 90 days than you currently do in an entire year! 

What you get from Smart90® 

90-day workshops on Zoom quarterly. 
Workshops facilitated by our business coaches. 
Workshops that walk you through detailed reviews. 
Workshops that walk you through setting the next 90-day key priorities for your business. 
Individual workbooks for each workshop. 
Peer networking at the workshop (if you select the talking room) or you can choose a quiet room or your own Zoom room. 
Smart90® software for recording your business plan. 
Smart90® software for recording the next 90 days' priorities, 'rocks' and actions. 
Smart90® software to cascade the plan through your business. 
Smart90® software for accountability tracking. 
Smart90® software for benchmarking your business with BizSmart® Inflight Checks®. 
Smart90® software Inflight Checks® give you guides from the Entrepreneurial Scale Up System to develop your business. 
Smart90® software balance score card system for whole business monitoring. 
Smart90® software TALi to record ideas and opportunities so you never lose an idea or opportunity again. 
Smart90® software personal focus bucket list and life balance wheel. 
Quarterly 'Keep on track' 30-minute 1:1 session with a business coach. 
Get the most out of Smart90® monthly 'Smarter' classes (new for 2023 - mid year onwards). 
Get the most from Smart90® video help guides in the software. 
Access to the monthly BizSmart® ScaleUp Club 
Monthly ScaleUp Club themes, videos and e-books (when available). 
See more on ScaleUp Club... 
All this huge value for just... 
Business owner and team of 4 : £150 +VAT per month 
Business owner and team of up to 19 : £200 +VAT per month 
Other plan options available. 
Talk to us today to find out how we can support you, and how your business could evolve through the BizSmart journey. 
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